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Dark Chocolate Stevia Bar

Health and Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Heart disease remains the number worldwide cause of death. Dark chocolate is a great switch from the white or milk type if you or a chocolate connoisseur you know is trying to keep their health and sweet tooth in check. Research has shown that dark chocolate containing at least 60% of cocoa has antioxidants that lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Where this comes from is a compound found in plants known as a flavonoid. One flavonoid in particular – catechin – has more antioxidant power than vitamins E and C. According to some papers like this one, Cocoa beats out fruits known for their flavonoid and antioxidant content (acai, pomegranate, etc.) by a huge margin. It is also a good source of the good kinds of fats – saturated and monosaturated. This is not a new concept. When the Spaniards first came to Mexico and other parts of Central America, they noticed how chocolate was used as medicine. There are also many historical documents that talk about cocoa’s value in treating heart pain and angina. Cocoa drink became a fashionable beverage for the aristocracy in Europe when the conquistadors returned with it. Nowadays, however, the love for commercial dark chocolate is not just shared by the rich – you can find it in stores around the world. A good bar with 98% cocoa is a great choice to fulfill that craving for chocolate, while making sure you have many more years to enjoy more of them.

Article By: Jesus Garay

stevia chocolate sweetener

Stevia in Chocolate – A better sugar alternative

Stevia in Chocolate

There are many types of stevia chocolate items out there, all having that amazingly rich and sweet taste that is great for health-conscious chocolate lovers. However, many do not know much about stevia. Here are some details.

The actual plant, Stevia rebaudiana, is a South American plant grown by the Guarani people in Paraguay and Brazil and is used as a natural sweetener for beverages like teas and yerba mate. It may also have nutritional and medicinal properties.  Its discovery by Spaniards in the 16th century (cocoa beans were also discovered around the same time, but it took another 400 years to combine the two) revealed that stevia leaves have a remarkable level of sweetness – more than 30 times or more than that of table sugar!

It has become a great replacement since investigations in the mid-1970s revealed that artificial sweeteners like aspartame may have cancer-inducing properties. Even in stevia’s extract form it remains safe, as all the alcohol used in the process is removed – something that does not happen when aspartame is created. The extract used in stevia chocolates is also used in many sports drinks and certain sodas. The US Food and Drug Administration have also granted stevia Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status as a sweetener.

Chocolates with stevia are diabetic-safe, non-GMO, gluten-free, and chemical-free. They are the perfect solution for a little craving or gift with none of sugar’s negative effects. An organic stevia dark chocolate bar with just the right hint of sweetness from that interesting little plant makes it worth a taste.

Article By: Jesus Garay


98% Cocoa Organic Chocolate Bar with Stevia

Organic Chocolate Bar with Stevia 98% Cacao Organic Cocoa

We’d like to inform you about our new 98% Organic Chocolate Bar, sweetened with stevia. If you have tried the original 98% Cocoa Bar, you will absolutely want to try this.

Basically, we’ve taken the 98% bar and instead used a wonderful organic fair-trade cocoa. The taste is very unique, rich, smooth and has some delightful fruity notes. This is our favorite organic chocolate, and we hope it is yours as well.

dark-chocolate-stevia-post-bar98% Organic Chocolate Bar
  • Sugar freegluten freelactose free, sweetened with stevia.
  • Ingredients: Organic Fair-Trade Cacao, Stevia, Natural Vanilla.

It is well known that cocoa is the best anti-oxident. Our organic cocoa chocolate bar is as pure as it gets. There are no artificial or hidden ingredients. Dante’s organic chocolate bar is the highest purity in organic cocoa.

Compared to the original 98% Cocoa Stevia Chocolate Bars, theOrganic Cocoa Chocolate Bar has fruity after-tones and a smoother taste. All natural stevia is the safest well known sugar substitute. It is also satisfying and not overpowering like other stevia chocolates. We think that you will like our organic cocoa chocolate bars better than any other.

This dark chocolate bar is made for the chocolate lover or connoisseur who enjoys the purist dark chocolate experience. Unlike many other stevia sweetened chocolates, Dante’s chocolate bar is made on-site from cocoa to bar. Each batch is handcrafted with the finest attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality flavor.  The delicious taste of pure cocoa is an unparalleled experience.

Chocolate enthusiasts from all over the US have been enjoying the 98% Cocoa Stevia Chocolate Bar. We have been listening to reviews and feedback. At Dante’s we are so delighted to hear the wonderful comments and reviews. Buy from Dante’s and receive full personal customer service.

Try our Organic Chocolate


Welcome to the Dante Confections online store. The Finest Handmade Chocolate.

No doubt, we think you will find that Dante Confections makes the finest chocolate truffles, chocolate caramel nut-oysters, biggest chocolate peanut-butter cups, and the best chocolate sugar-free 98% cocoa bars.

We have been featured in newspapers such as ‘Boston Globe‘ and ‘Lowell Sun‘, as well as online publications such as ‘Ladies Home Journal‘.

Our 98% cocoa chocolate bar is sweetened by stevia, a safe plant sweetener. Cocoa is proven to be good for you. Without sugar, the 98% cocoa chocolate bar is perfectly healthy and encouraged!