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Health and Dark Chocolate

Heart disease remains the number worldwide cause of death. Dark chocolate is a great switch from the white or milk type if you or a chocolate connoisseur you know is trying to keep their health and sweet tooth in check. […]

So What Is Stevia?

There are many types of stevia chocolate items out there, all having that amazingly rich and sweet taste that is great for health-conscious chocolate lovers. However, many do not know much about stevia. Here are some details. The actual plant, […]

98% Cocoa Organic Chocolate Bar with Stevia

Organic¬†Chocolate Bar with Stevia 98% Cacao Organic Cocoa We’d like to inform you about our new 98% Organic Chocolate Bar, sweetened with stevia. If you have tried the original¬†98% Cocoa Bar, you will absolutely want to try this.   Basically, […]