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Temporarily Closed

We have decided to temporarily close our online ordering for the summer due to high likelihood of chocolate melting during shipping in hot weather. Regular online ordering will resume in the fall. Thank you for your understanding.

Health and Dark Chocolate

Heart disease remains the number worldwide cause of death. Dark chocolate is a great switch from the white or milk type if you or a chocolate connoisseur you know is trying to keep their health and sweet tooth in check. […]

So What Is Stevia?

There are many types of stevia chocolate items out there, all having that amazingly rich and sweet taste that is great for health-conscious chocolate lovers. However, many do not know much about stevia. Here are some details. The actual plant, […]

98% Cocoa Organic Chocolate Bar with Stevia

Organic Chocolate Bar with Stevia 98% Cacao Organic Cocoa We’d like to inform you about our new 98% Organic Chocolate Bar, sweetened with stevia. If you have tried the original 98% Cocoa Bar, you will absolutely want to try this.   Basically, […]

Welcome to the Dante Confections online store. The Finest Handmade Treats and Best Chocolate.

No doubt, we think you will find that Dante Confections makes the finest chocolate truffles, chocolate caramel nut-oysters, biggest chocolate peanut-butter cups, and the best chocolate sugar-free 98% cocoa bars. We have been featured in the ‘Lowell Sun‘ newspaper and ‘Ladies […]